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Kabul, a city of ancient history which had been a home for kings and crowns. In the past, a wall, which still its remainders exist, enclosed the city with six entrance gates. Each of the doors were known with a certain name…


21 Procurement Projects endorsed by the National Procurement Commission

07 09 2018

After reviewing the application of 26 contracts, at the 148th weekly meeting of National Procurement Commission under the chairmanship of President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, 21 contracts and procurement suggestion worth over 2.9 billion Afghanis endorsed.

The endorsed contracts are; Vehicle-Oil of Attorney General Institution; Maintenance of Kandahar-Herat Fiber e Noori Project, Pavement and Landscape of Kabul Administrative Complex, Construction of Education Institute of Ghor Province, Electricity Transmission and Distribution Network, Agricultural Zone of Barik-Aab, Irrigation Canal of Enjil District of Herat, Oil of Brishna Generators of Kandahar Province, Oil of Ministry of Public Health Central Workshops, Legumes of Department of Protecting Government and enterprise projects and Units of Protecting Roads of Qaysar-Laman, Legumes of General Directorate of Logistics of MOI, Generator Oil of Public Protecting Deputy and Security Enterprise of MOI, Construction of Part two Bad Pakh Raod of Laghman Province, and Contracts of Geology Survey of US and Ministry of Mine & Petroleum.

Also, the suggestion of Ministry of Energy and Water regarding the contract of Design and Construction of 5.5 MW Solar Electricity of Dikundi Province have endorsed by the National Commission of Procurement.

Meanwhile, during the discussion on contracts of Ministry of Interior Affairs, President emphasized that the low-efficiency and shortage of foods to the national police are not acceptable. He added that the MOI should conduct a wide investigation on the contracts and in every two weeks present the report to the Office of the President.

In this meeting, the assigned delegations on the Projects of Sayed Jamaluddin Afghan Teacher Training Complex have presented their report. The Commission extended the duration of this project based on solving the existing deficiencies.

President Ghani ordered the Ministry of Urban Development & Housing to investigate the work quality of  Sayed Jamaluddin Afghan Teacher -Training Complex and the Ministry of Education to do a clear monitoring program. Also the Afghanistan’s Transparency Watch requested to be involved in all these processes.