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The people of Afghanistan will witness the fundamental reforms in education sector that they are seeking for. I call upon all people of Afghanistan to initiate National Education Assembling across the country.



Kabul, a city of ancient history which had been a home for kings and crowns. In the past, a wall, which still its remainders exist, enclosed the city with six entrance gates. Each of the doors were known with a certain name…


Reporting Session of Kabul Bank Clearance Committee Held

Kabul Bank Clearance Committee presented their quarterly report to the president. According to the report, $238 million have been collected back from the debtors; 30 of the debtors have cleared their debts, other 10 are ready to pay back and a number of other debtors have escaped from the country and are being chased by Interpol Police.  

In the session, for debtors who have not paid their debts within last three months, the president set a one-week deadline by which all the debts are expected to be repaid and cleared.  If the deadline is not met, the debtors are banned from traveling abroad and are referred to judicial institutions for prosecution.

Kabul Bank Clearance Committee was formed based on an order of H.E. Mohammad Ashraf Ghani to accelerate the investigation of Kabul Bank case based on a certain procedure. By the deadline, the committee members will report their progress and achievements to the president. 

During the session, the Clearance Committee of Kabul Bank informed President Ghani that according to UAE’s court decision, all properties of the debtors will be returned back to Afghan government. The president praised the committee for their progress, after listening to their reports.

Kabul Bank faced bankruptcy in 2010 when its managers and shareholders had illegally withdrawn around  $900 million from the bank.  After formation of national unity government and on the first day of his administration, in order to foster administrative reforms in governance and anti-corruption systems, President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani ordered to reopen Kabul Bank’s corruption case. The president ordered Attorney General’s Office to reinvestigate the case of Kabul Bank and prosecute suspicious ones involved in the case. 

In accordance with the court order, Shir Khan Farnood and Khalilullah Firozi, two main actors of the Kabul Bank crisis, and a number of other employees involved in bankruptcy of the bank are in prison.

The Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR) has expressed that, in comparison to the previous government, national unity government is performing better in tackling anti-corruption efforts. John Sopko, head of SIGAR stated, “It seems that President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani and Chief Executive Dr. Abdullah Abdullah are trying utmost to prevent abuse of the aids and supports.” Mr. Sopko also reiterated that in past years, attention was not paid to the threats of corruption.