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NPC Approves Contracts of Qaisar-Laman Highway, Consultancy Services for Country’s Airspace Management

20 37 2017

National Procurement Commission at its 113th meeting, chaired by President Ashraf Ghani, approved contracts of the first and second lots of Qaisar-Laman ring road with the length of 82 km, consultancy services for the country’s airspace management and internet bandwidth of Afghan Telecom.  

Qaisar-Laman ring road which is situated in Badghis province is considered as one of the most important highways of regional connectivity in the country. The project will be funded by Asian Development Bank and implemented by Ministry of Public Works.

Discussing on the contacts and approving them with the total value of $6 million, President Ghani and NPC members reiterated that resuming of the ring road’s construction is indeed bringing an end to the previous crisis of this significant project.

The commission sternly instructed the Ministry of Public Works to pay necessary attention in design of the remaining parts of the road as well as the implementation of the first and second lots of the road. 

It is noteworthy that the contract of the first lot has been awarded to an Indian company while the second lot’s awardee is a Chinese company.

Implementation of the contracts will approximately take two and half years.

NPC also approved the contract of consultancy services for the country’s airspace management. Afghanistan Civil Aviation Authority will strive for training of the Afghan cadres through the project in order that Afghans themselves can undertake its pertinent responsibilities in the future.

In addition, the commission issued approval for the contract of internet bandwidth of Afghan Telecom as well as increase in price of the fuel contract belonging to ANA Air Force.

The commission restituted the contracts of seat and table procurement for schools of Nuristan and Daikundi provinces as well as safety and security services of Intercontinental Hotel for conducting further reviews.

NPC rejected procurement of bathing materials related to Ministry of Defense due to disagreement of the entity which funds it.

It is mentionable that the National Procurement Commission called on Independent Election Commission and Central Statistics Department officials and received their report on technical characteristics and procurement process of the materials needed for Biometric Voter Registration System.  

The president and chief executive scrutinized the progress of IEC in the area of BVR system and underscored that they respect the decision of IEC as an independent institution. They also asked for holding of the election on the date specified for it in a timely and highly appropriate manner.

Head of IEC and the commissioners that attended the meeting assured of choosing the best characteristics and procurement method to provide BVR system with consideration to the requirements and social circumstances of the country. 

The meeting was seated by Chief Executive Abdullah, Second Vice-President Mohammad Sarwar Danish, ministers of Finance and Justice, acting minister of Economy, NPA officials, and observers from SIGAR, CSTC-A of the Resolute Support mission and Integrity Watch Afghanistan.