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President Ghani Endorses Formation of Committee to Prepare National Land Code

16 56 2017

President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani chairing the meeting of the High Council for Rule of Law and Anti-Corruption endorsed the proposal on formation of a committee consisting of technical representatives of offices as well as experts in order to prepare the National Land Code.

Preparation of the National Land Code will ensure property safety and implementation of the Land Policy.

Jawad Paikar, director of Afghanistan Independent Land Authority (ARAZI), presented the proposal on formation of the committee, and asked that the committee be presided over by ARAZI.

He added the main goal of the committee is to create a legal framework for modern landowning.

Paikar said that the committee will consist of the technical and legal team from ARAZI and the pertinent offices.

Second Vice-President Mohammad Sarwar Danish said in the meeting that the Land Policy has been formerly approved, and proposal of the National Land Code is the next significant step in this regard.

President articulated that land is one of the most significant causes of corruption, and many state lands have been usurped within the past years.

Underscoring the government’s will to retrieve the usurped land, the president added that property safety is really crucial and the Land Policy that is one of the most effective works of the government must be implemented.

The president endorsed proposal of ARAZI on formation of the committee inclusive of technical representatives from offices and experts for preparation of the National Land Code.