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The people of Afghanistan will witness the fundamental reforms in education sector that they are seeking for. I call upon all people of Afghanistan to initiate National Education Assembling across the country.



Kabul, a city of ancient history which had been a home for kings and crowns. In the past, a wall, which still its remainders exist, enclosed the city with six entrance gates. Each of the doors were known with a certain name…


Cabinet Approves Addition of around 1600 New Beds to Healthcare Centers

22 52 2017

The cabinet approves the addition of around 1,600 beds to 22 healthcare centers in major provinces, the plan to improve specialized services in healthcare center and delegation of hospitals’ management professionals.

Deputy Minister of Public Health Dr. Ahmad Jan Naeem while presenting report on assessment of bed capacity and needs of civil hospitals in major provinces said that 1,958 beds in 22 healthcare centers already function across the country.

He added that the addition of 1,597 beds in the health centers will be possible through development and establishment of healthcare building, equipment, tools and more human power at a cost of USD28.7 million.

The cabinet approved the plan in principle, and tasked Ministry of Public Health to coordinate with Ministry of Finance for the financial fund of this project.

Moreover, the cabinet brought under discussion the plan to improve specialized services and delegation of hospitals’ management to professionals.

Dr. Naeem said in this regard that Ministry of Public Health intends to improve management of hospitals by recruitment of young staff through in-service master’s and capacity building program.

He added that the ministry can provide specialty services after implementation of “Step by Step Strategy”, establishment of equipment and intense care units in hospitals in the capital and nine provinces through bringing reforms in hospitals and procuring standard beds; preparing and launching efficiency program for hospitals; hiring professional and experienced experts trained abroad; and providing financial resources and required structure.  

Having approved the plan, the cabinet assigned MoPH to implement it.

Then, deputy minister of Public Health presented in the meeting the policy to provide treatment for government employees inside and outside the country.

Mr. Naeem said that the government, through this policy, would be obliged to take measures including providing access to standard healthcare services, capacity building to improve quality of healthcare services inside the country, providing required facilities, and fair distribution of possibilities for treatment of incurable diseases which are difficult to be diagnosed inside the country.

He added that responsibilities of the relevant ministries in this regard have been specified and the health insurance of government employees has been referred to the government in the policy. 

The cabinet approved the policy in principle. Based on the meeting’s remarks, the Ministry of Public Health was assigned to rectify the policy and present it in the next meetings of the cabinet.