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High Economic Council Discusses Investment Over Herat Cement Factory

20 23 2017

High Economic Council, chaired by President Ashraf Ghani, carried out discussion over investment in opening Herat cement factory by PSP, a Czech company.

President Ashraf Ghani while appreciating PSP for announcing its preparedness in investment in Herat cement factory, pointed out that private sector is considered to be the main partner with the government. 

Sirius Alaf, President’s advisor on commerce, said that the proposal of establishing this factory is prepared by PSP company which has 66 years of experience in this regard with possessing construction and mines extraction equipment.

In addition, President Ashraf Ghani, stressing on complete management of mines by the Ministry of Mines, added that the government play fundamental role in monitoring of mines. 

Moreover, the President, emphasizing on implementation of transparency, said that we all should act according to the law and all our practices should be based on law; because the results of past contracts are not acceptable for us.

Nargis Nehan, the acting minister of mines and petroleum, said that mines are the ownership of the government and the ministry of Mines and Petroleum represents the government.

She added that the ministry legally assesses any measures taken in mining area.

It is worth mentioning that Herat cement factory’s daily production capacity will be 1,600 tons of cement with an annual revenue of USD 32.64 million.

The government of Afghanistan will have share of 51 percent from the factory’s revenue and 49 percent will belong to the company.

According to Mr. Alaf the factory will create 800 to 10 thousand jobs for the people.