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Identification of Two Bidding Companies for Debarment and Judicial Prosecution

12 59 2017

National Procurement Commission (NPC) identified the suggested bidding companies and referred them for debarment in bidding process and judicial prosecution due to committing document forgery in regards to two water dams projects including Keli of Samangan province and Tangi Shadian of Balkh province.

Moreover, NPC reviewed and took decision regarding 26 remaining projects from last session. During the session, chaired by President Ashraf Ghani, NPC brought under discussion the projects related to the Ministry of Energy and Water, DABS and Kabul Municipality. 

During the session, NPC decided to look for alternative route in this regard, therefore High Committee for Infrastructural Projects obliged to transparently and clearly arrange and present alternative plan to procure national and international credible, real and competent companies for most of the projects.

Furthermore, NPC listened to the detailed review studies report of other 15 dams and restituted it for receiving specialized Australian consultation according to previous NPC’s decision. 

President Ashraf Ghani, for the purpose of listing and identifying international companies from Turkey, Azerbaijan, Russia and other countries having expertise in dam construction and competent domestic companies, stressed on taking into consideration the transparent process with the cooperation of countries such as Australia or Singapore to prevent concern in this area.  

He also pointed out that NPC cannot waste more than USD 1.5 billion of investment dedicated for the construction of dams by groundless, incompetent and fraudulent companies.

He added that the working speed, quality and economical return of dams related projects are required NPC’s opinion.

On the other hand, NPC approved the procuring of reinforcement steel related to Kabul municipality; procuring of fuel for Tarakhel heating system; extending of Naghlu dam contracts; designing, constructing, installing and montaging of hydro-electricity of Daikundi province; and planning, montaging, establishing and equipment procuring of distributing system of Kunduz and Baghlan provinces related to DABS. 

In addition to the NPC members, the meeting was seated by, Mohammad Sarwar Danish 2nd Vice-president, senior officials of NPA, members of financial and budgetary as well as national economic commissions of both Houses of the Parliament, and observers from the Parliamentary Anti-Corruption Caucus, SIGAR and CSTC-A of the Resolute Support